The new quality brand for
premium anchor chains

Röttgers has been manufacturing quality chains for more than 100 years. However, 2021 marks a new milestone in our company history. We would like to present ROXMA, our own premium brand for quality anchor chains. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that our customers need a 100% reliable chain. We assure you:

You can rely on ROXMA anchor chains.

Stainless steel ROXMA chains have reached new heights with regard to durability, tensile strength and corrosion resistance, and exceed all common standards by far.

What makes ROXMA better than the rest?


There are a large number of inferior anchor chains on the market.

How do I find the right chain? The price is a good indicator.

Cheap chains are usually of inferior quality and will most likely malfunction in rough seas, which means they are guaranteed to break. Unfortunately, even expensive chains often do not meet the quality expectations of their owners.

Our center of excellence for materials has been developing quality solutions for challenging customer requirements from the industry for some time now, and we have recently become a technological leader in the area of mechanical and plant engineering in the last few years as well.

Thanks to the combination of our technological know-how, 100 years of experience and startup mentality, we are now setting new standards at sea with ROXMA.

Which anchor chain is used for which purpose?


We produce our ROXMA anchor chains from high-quality European stainless steel for use in warmer waters.

We produce Grade 40 and Grade 70 galvanized anchor chains for use in colder waters.

Commitment to quality

Our ROXMA chains undergo rigorous quality control inspections in our in-house laboratory during every production run. This includes tensile strength testing and microscopic cross-sectional testing as well.

Furthermore, we are one of very few manufacturers of anchor chains with an in-house salt spray chamber, where we put our ROXMA anchor chains through continuous corrosion resistance testing under extreme conditions for several months at a time.

The results of in-depth comparative testing conducted on our ROXMA anchor chain and a cheap stainless steel chain produced in Asia are available for download in PDF form.

PDF Download


Welding seam tears before the predetermined breaking point is reached


Welding seam remains intact; material breaks when severely overloaded

ROXMA chains break only when they are severely overloaded and stretched to the maximum.


The certificate of conformity confirms that our internal business structure and organization is in accordance with the international standard for quality management.

We are a manufacturer of stainless-steel/NIRO chains.

The H-seal (stamp) is a proof for the special quality of the chains.

Where can I purchase original ROXMA anchor chains?


We currently have a small, exclusive network of dealers, which is being continually expanded. At present, ROXMA anchor chains are available for purchase from:

• Marinetech Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG

Private individuals:
• Parasail
• Schulz-Hohenstein Soehne

We welcome inquiries from dealers, marinas and yacht builders. Please use our inquiry form for dealers or contact our sales staff directly for comprehensive advice.

If you as a yacht owner or skipper have the opportunity to install an anchor chain yourself, then please use the inquiry form as well.


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You can rely on ROXMA anchor chains.

The new brand for premium anchor chains.

ROXMA ROXMA anchor chains are available
in dimensions from Ø3-18mm

ROXMA stainless steel anchor chains deliver a new level of durability,
tensile strength and corrosion resistance and far exceed all commonly
accepted standards. Due to the balanced microstructure of the duplex
steel, ROXMA anchor chains deliver a strong combination of strength
and corrosion resistance.

To ensure that they run cleanly in the winch, all ROXMA anchor chains
are precisely calibrated to a tenth of a millimeter. To protect them
against the rugged environment at sea, the chains receive a very
extensive surface treatment process as standard. This guarantees the
outstanding durability of ROXMA products.

Item no.
Item no.
Ø t b2 Similar
Breaking load
Breaking load
RXSD6L RXSD6LN 6 18,5 20 DIN 766 3000 kg 3850 kg
RXSD8L RXSD8LN 8 24 26 DIN 766 5300 kg 6700 kg
RXSD10L RXSD10LN 10 28 34 DIN 766 8500 kg 10800 kg
RXSD13L RXSD13LN 13 36 44 DIN 766 12500 kg 18000 kg
RXSD16L RXSD16LN 16 45 53 DIN 766 20000 kg 26000 kg

RXSI6L RXSI6LN 6 18 20,9 ISO 4565 3000 kg 3850 kg
RXSI8L RXSI8LN 8 24 27,8 ISO 4565 5300 kg 6700 kg
RXSI10L RXSI10LN 10 30 35 ISO 4565 8500 kg 10800 kg
RXSI12L RXSI12LN 12 36 42 ISO 4565 11300 kg 14000 kg
RXSI16L RXSI16LN 16 48 54 EN 818 20000 kg 26000 kg
Other dimensions are available on request: Ø3-18mm

No matter which material you select –
you can rely on ROXMA!

Hot dipped galvanized ROXMA anchor chains are ideal for use in colder
waters. The anchor chains are made out of carefully selected chain
steels and bent and welded using the latest machinery. We are thus
able to ensure the highest production quality. ROXMA chains are then

quenched and tempered in a modern and fully automated multipurpose
chamber furnace line. This targeted thermal treatment optimizes the
mechanical properties of the chains. In the final stage, ROXMA anchor
chains are given a clean and optimal galvanized coating.

Item no. Grade 40 Item no. Grade 70 Ø
t b2 Similar
Breaking load
Grade 40
Breaking load
Grade 70
RXGD640 RXGD670 6 18,5 20 DIN 766 2300 kg 3960 kg
RXGD840 RXGD870 8 24 26 DIN 766 4020 kg 7100 kg
RXGD1040 RXGD1070 10 28 34 DIN 766 6280 kg 11200 kg
RXGD1340 RXGD1370 13 36 44 DIN 766 10600 kg 19000 kg
RXGD1640 RXGD1670 16 45 53 DIN 766 16100 kg 28200 kg

RXGI640 RXGI670 6 18 20,9 ISO 4565 2300 kg 3960 kg
RXGI840 RXGI870 8 24 27,8 ISO 4565 4020 kg 7100 kg
RXGI1040 RXGI1070 10 30 35 ISO 4565 6280 kg 11200 kg
RXGI1240 RXGI1270 12 36 42 ISO 4565 9050 kg 16000 kg
RXGI1640 RXGI1670 16 48 54 EN 818 16100 kg 28200 kg
Other dimensions are available on request: Ø3-18mm

boot 2022

We had almost expected it, now it is certain. The fair “boot 22”, which should take place from 22.1. – 30.1. was canceled. We would have liked to present ourselves at the fair for the first time and exhibit our anchor chains.

Behind the scenes

A look behind the scenes of the most modern production line for anchor chains in Europe. Our strongest anchor chains are bent, welded, stamped and calibrated on these machines.

As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer who can also process duplex steel with a diameter of 16mm automatically and with consistently high quality.


Motorboot online

The magazine “Motorboot online” has published a technical feature concerning the special quality of ROXMA anchor chains and our production in Germany. The report (in german language) is linked here.

Social Media partner wanted

You are planning a big expedition by boat? Maybe even a circumnavigation? And you need a new, unbreakable anchor chain that you can rely on even in stormy seas? If you are active in social media, have fans and followers and post on a regularl basis, then we should definitely get together.
We at Röttgers Ketten are looking for practicing partners who put our ROXMA anchor chain through its paces in a long-term test on all the world’s oceans and report on it. You post regularly photos and videos of your journey, and report occasionally where and how you anchor. As a thank you we will provide you with a ROXMA anchor chain suitable for your ship, which you can keep after the voyage of course.
Interested? Then apply with a short video and tell us why you absolutely need a stainless ROXMA anchor chain.

Find out more on social media

Videos on the production of and quality tests on ROXMA anchor chains are available in our media library. Testimonies from users will be added in the future.

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